How I started

An insight into Kiseki Studio

Kiseki Studio is not a design team or a collective, it is a singular person, myself. I only source people, when needed, with a high skill set as and when required for each individual project, this helps to accurately manage the work and ultimately keep costs down. You can take a look at all my recent design work in my portfolio.

I take a great deal of inspiration from Japan, whether it be their culture, cars or design styles and their artists. I can safely say Japan plays a big role in my inspiration and their philosophies relate to my outlook in life. As you will notice throughout the site I use Japanese words like Kiseki (miracle) and Hayai (fast), these aren’t deliberately there to make you sound silly when you try to pronounce them but instead they create a more unique part of my branding.


Web Design

Enjoying my work helps me come up with unique and memorable pieces of design work. From as far back as I can remember I have always had a keen interest in design and artwork, I always loved media studies at school and collecting magazines articles and random promotional materials such as postcards always captured my attention and got me wondering what the process was to create them.

Taking my inspiration from books such as Lodown Graphic Engineering Part I and II and tattoo artists, I create contemporary and clean designs which deliver the message clearly yet capture the customers attention without being too intrusive.

Skateboarding also plays quite a big role in my graphical inspiration as well as my outlook on life too.

Skateboarding offers so many different types of people who enjoy it, this creates a really diverse design style for each skateboard brand or company.

Website Design Portfolio


Photography is my ultimate passion and hobby, being able to get out and photograph is a breath of fresh air for me. Taking photographs as part of my job is also another great bonus in my eyes, as it means I get to apply my skills which I developed from a hobby and share them with my clients. Having recently started taking on wedding photography, I have realised how important it is to have a plan, a backup plan, reliable equipment and back up equipment.

My photographic inspiration comes from the older pioneers such as Daido Moriyama and William Klein, their grainy and sometimes blurry photographs appeal to me, images that both of these artists took during their travels.

I also dabble in film photography, so I can gain a better appreciation and understanding for digital photography.

Given the chance I will always try and photograph rare and unique cars when I have free time, this is my favourite subject and I hope that you will browse my photo galleries and see my work.

Photography Portfolio

Graphic Design

Listening carefully to your requests and ideas I ensure that your design expectations are met and surpassed. Starting from a humble idea on paper to a full scale eCommerce project, I am more than capable of delivering what you require and beyond it.

I have over 5 years experience with varied clientèle whom have different sized businesses, utilising my passion for creating unique designs you can be assured that your site will look great for years to come.

What sets me apart from the rest? I love creating something from scratch, something bespoke which has been customised to fit your exact requirements. The whole experience should be enjoyed by you as a client and most importantly the customer.

I pride myself on workflow driven by productivity and deadlines. If your project is time sensitive you need not worry, I am very adaptive and can produce results in a short space of time.

Graphic Design Portfolio

What I offer my clients

If standing out from your competition or priding yourself or company of being individual I can help you achieve this with my bespoke and tailored designs. I pride myself on giving each customer a personal feel by listening to their ideas and combining what I have to offer to create the best possible design.

I utilise many skills in order to help me create a modern and functional design which looks fantastic on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile device. Using my extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript I am able to develop tailored projects to very specific requirements.

Whether it be a completely new website or a refresh in design of a current website I have great experience in designing, branding, photography to make your business stand out above the others. I also offer professional branding for new businesses which are looking to create a presence and gain a strong identity in the market.

As well offering website design and graphic design services, I take a massive amount of pride in my photography work too. From weddings to product photography you can be assured that only the highest quality images are produced to capture the special day or your fantastic products.