I was asked along to photograph a training session with the Aegis Martial Arts School in Leeds North.

My dad has been a member at Aegis for many years and he thought it would be interesting for me to get some shots of what goes on during a training session.

Another reason for being here was to practice for an opportunity to photograph an upcoming graduation event, to then sell prints to the graduates and their families.

It was interesting trying to find the right angles and timing the shots as I’d never photographed anything like this before.

I experimented with the speedlight and a slow shutter speed during the action shots to try create a more pronounced sense of movement.

Check out a few of my favourite shots I got from the evening below.

aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-insutrctor aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-dodging-punch aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-sparring aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-training-kicks aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-flying-kick-mid-air aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-training-pads aegis-martial-arts-class-leeds-kicking