As I drive down the road to my house in Bradford I always see in the distance a huge array of wind turbines on the horizon, I know exactly where they are and always think to myself I’ll go and photograph them someday. Usually though I never get round to it, but this time I managed to get some time to myself and head on up to the wind farm which is in Mixenden near Denholme. I’ve shot wind turbines before but not as many as these, the actual wind was extremely strong this particular day so they were really going for it, making some crazy creeking noises and wooshing round at full speed, quite scary.

Enough of the boring part, here are some of my favourite photos from the day. I had a fellow photographer with me Lisa Ronkowski of Ronkowski Photography who is very talented, she was using a full format camera and is waiting to process the images, once they are ready I will upload these here.

Mixenden Wind Farm Mixenden Wind Farm Mixenden Wind Farm Mixenden Wind Farm

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