I had been working for 4 days straight coding and designing a few websites and I just had to get myself out of the house for a while.

After I picked up my assistant friend we took off heading for the coast as fortunately it was half decent weather day by English standards.

When we arrived the sun was already setting in the West and we were on the East coast, so it was definitely going to be very Blue in terms of temperature. Actually on the way to the coast we spotted an awesome field which had just been harvested and the sun was emphasizing the golden glow from the hay bales and straw left in the field, I didn’t get a shot though at the time.

Once we got the Robin Hood’s Bay I shot this image, which I quite like as it looks almost like daylight, the moon was very bright and the tide was heading back in so it was rather sketchy, it almost looks like something from Terragen in fact.

Moonlight in Robin Hood's Bay

As I mentioned that rather nice golden field earlier, well on the way back the moon was still shining brightly so I decided to pull over and give it a chance, my favourite shot is the close up of the hay bale.

Hey! Bale Alien Landscape