Car lined up at Ribblehead viaduct

April Blast 2014

It was time for another annual drive organised by my friend Jay, you might remember I attended a drive through Belgium and Denmark in March last year which can be…

View from Hallin Fell

Visiting the Lake District

As much as I possibly can I try to visit the Lake District, without a doubt it is my favourite place to visit in England. There are two main reasons…

Volkswagen Golf GTI/VR6 Mk2

Volkswagen Golf GTI / VR6 Mk2

This smart looking Golf appeared in the workshop the other day for a geometry check. I thought as it was relatively clean and it was a half decent day outside…

Volkswagen Polo GTI 9N

VW Polo GTI 9N in Black

I recently spent some time with this little mover and shaker, after a 5 hour cleaning session I thought I’d justify that with some moody and glossy type photographs. The…

Volkswagen Polo GTI 9N

VW Polo GTI | 9N3

I haven’t been out and photographed a nice car for quite some time now, with it being winter and the weather turning extremely nasty it has been difficult to find…

Volkswagen Lupo 1.4

Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 6X

I shot this tidy motor the other day and the lovely owner too, see the previous post to this.