As much as I possibly can I try to visit the Lake District, without a doubt it is my favourite place to visit in England. There are two main reasons why I enjoy this area so much, one of which is the fantastic unrivalled scenery in the form of the various lakes, mountains and parks. The second reason is for the fantastic driving roads in and around the mountains, two of the best roads are Kirkstone Pass and Honister Pass. Though these aren’t for the faint hearted, they are quite tricky and rough in places but still thoroughly enjoyable with the right weather and car.

This time I visited Lake Ullswater with my girlfriend, we drove around to the opposite side of the lake and climbed up a hill called Hallin Fell and soaked up the gorgeous view looking north towards Penrith.

Ullswater Lake from Hallin Fell

And the view looking south from Hallin Fell also.

The view south from Hallin Fell

Then it was onto Honister Pass to show my girlfriend this spectacular road and scenery for the first time, I insisted on driving though as those of who have driven the road know why.

Honister Pass and VW Polo GTI Honister Pass and Slate River Honister Pass Slate Mountain Honister Pass Slate Mine and VW Polo GTI

Then we decided it would be a nice finish to the evening to stop off at the Wateredge Inn in Ambleside for a quick drink while the sun sets across Lake Windermere, this is always a fantastic place to stop for a bite to eat or a quick pint and bask in the warmth of the sun before it disappears.

Wateredge Inn Drinks Lake Windermere Sunset and Boats

A quick shot of my girlfriend who likes to be fairly anonymous.


If you are interested in visiting Honister Pass and want to explore it further, there is a useful free guide available here – Honister Pass Circular Walk

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