I took a trip down to the Cotswolds to visit my parents as they like to visit their each year around this time. Having never been down the Cotswolds and hearing a lot about the place I was excited to see just how pretty and picturesque it is. The first I arrived at was called Broadway where my parents set up their camper van, this place has some really great looking cottages and shops along a nice traditional narrow country style road.

The other two places were quite contrasting in popularity, the first called Chipping Campden, it had some very old buildings there, some of which were first built in the 1300’s. The second place we visited was quite a bit more popular for tourists and travellers, this is known as Bourton on the Water. It has a great little river running alongside the main road through the village and lots of little foot bridges that can be crossed to get to the restraurants and cafe’s on the other side.

Bourton on the Water Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Bourton on the Water Chipping Campden Morgan Morgan Cruising Old Speckled Hen Chipping Campden Pain au Chocolat