So after a few outings on my new bike we ended up visiting the Whinlatter Forest park to check out some of the trails they have on offer. As this was my first time here I opted to follow my uncle who has been several times before and assured me it was a brilliant place to ride and an even better place to observe some great scenery.

Now I was getting to grips with my bike and it’s capabilities I could push it a lot further and I seriously enjoyed the red trails as we wound our way through the tall and dark forest trees, narrowly avoid the sharp slate and deep trenches at the side of the trails.

I started using a new app called Strava which is fantastic for tracking the routes and measuring the elevation and speed differences as you ride, below I’ve embedded a small section of the ride we did as I forgot to start the app recording at the start of the run, oops.

So here are a few of the images I captured on our travels. I also recently bought myself a new bag for riding, the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L bag. I am very very impressed with this piece of kit, it does everything I want it to and keeps my small Nikon J1 protected and if the weather gets rough there is a pull out cover to keep the whole bag covered from any water.

View from Whinlatter Forest View from Whinlatter Forest Panorama from Whinlatter Forest CUBE Attention 2015 Whinlatter Forest Trails through Whinlatter Forest Trails through Whinlatter Forest