TFE Steel Fabrications

TFE Steel Fabrications have a massively impressive portfolio of work yet no website to showcase it, this is why they approached me to help

Project Brief

TFE Steel Fabrications were looking to create an online portfolio that would match the quality of their work and provide a way of procuring new clients. Having no web presence at all the project would have to be created from scratch along with some branding work which would involve designing a logo.

The logo design they desired was of steel text in 3D that appeared to be melting, this ties in with what their speciality is. The brief also included a photo shoot in the premises to capture their skilled workers crafting and creating products for ongoing projects.


In order to show off TFE Steel Fabrications high quality creations I decided it would be nice to give each major project they had recently undertaken it’s own page. Coupled with well documented images of the various stages of each project this would provide potential customers a chance to see the process and finished article.

Using various images from their portfolio I would feature these throughout the site, constantly reminding the visitor of the high quality workmanship TFE Steel Fabrications provide. Another useful feature is the option for new customers to get a quote on their work by uploading drawings and photos along with their request.


  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Animation
  • WordPress
  • Photography
  • Photoshop/Lightroom



Homizio Nova


PT Sans

Colour Palette


Responsive Design

A lot of TFE Steel Fabrications customers are usually on site or on a job so it was important the website be accessible via mobiles and tablets.


Professional Photography

I included a photo shoot within the work scope on this project, I would use these photos around the site to let customers get a feel for the work process and reassure them of what goes into the process of creating something unique and quality.

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