A place I am very fond of and which holds many great childhood memories is a very tiny, quaint village in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales known as Burnsall. For as long as I can remember my family would always bring me and my little sister here on warm summer days to play in the river on our rubber dinghy, skim stones while our parents tended to a barbecue or ice creams.

As you’ll see it’s a very picturesque place, the most prominent feature is the stone arch bridge which you spot as you descend from the steep and bumpy B road, this is usually my favourite focal point, but if you wander past the bridge and along the riverside you come across many other beautiful spots as the river twists, flows and rushes through the craggy and sharp limestone.

I urge you to visit this place if you plan on touring around the Yorkshire Dales for a trip or holiday. There is a warm and welcoming pub in the centre of Burnsall village which serves classic ales that give you a refreshing kick after a nice stroll.

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