Bride and Groom enjoying a kiss on a bench

A family wedding

So I was asked very nicely if I would photograph my mothers wedding in July. Of course I obliged immediately offering my photography skills for the big day. I was…

The View from Upper Barden Reservoir

A walk around Barden Reservoirs

I really fancied a walk in the Yorkshire Dales this particular day. So I scouted around on Google Maps to see if I could pick out an area that had…

Burnsall bridge on a sunny autumn day

Burnsall, Yorkshire Dales – Photo Travel

A place I am very fond of and which holds many great childhood memories is a very tiny, quaint village in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales known as Burnsall….

Aysgarth Lower Falls in black and white

Aysgarth Falls

Another nice summery day prompted me to head over to the Yorkshire Dales again and visit a very nice quiet landmark in a very small village called Aysgarth. Aysgarth is…