One of my favourite places to visit which has a decent variety of hills and fairly flat paths is the village of Malham located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It is most famous for the cove which has been created from thousands of years of water and ice erosion, exposing the limestone beneath the ground and leaving a beautiful curved cove.

Other points of interest along the route I took are Janet’s Foss and Gordale Scar which I have photographed below, both equally as impressive as the cove and great from a photographic standpoint, be sure to take some time along your route to appreciate these natural wonders.

As an added bonus, once you have descended the many hundred steps which lead down from the cove you are greeted by the RSPB who follow and track the progress of the Peregrine Falcons and allow you to observe them through their telescopes. This is all free and well worth a look as these birds are fantastic to watch either static or whilst in flight.

On a side note I found a nice and intuitive website to help plot my walks, allowing me to share them on here so you may follow the routes I have taken.

Malham, Pennine Way Malham, Pennine Way Malham, Pennine Way Janet's Foss, Pennine Way Gordale Scar, Malham The Dry Valley of the Watlowes View from Malham Cove