I came across this crazy Honda S2000 build recently while I was hanging out down at the Daytona Autos garage a few weeks ago. When I first saw the car in person I quickly got the impression that something awesome was lurking beneath its purely by looking at the exterior. Of course I had heard a few things about the car and what had been spent on it so I did expect quite a lot, when Glen eventually lifted the genuine Mugen bonnet I was not disappointed at all.

I don’t know the full specs of the engine or the rest of the car but I will make sure I get a proper run down of everything when I do the feature shoot. What Glen has aimed for is a factory looking turbo set up with the black heat coated parts and ancillaries to give a it a subtle look which gives the impression that nothing is too out of the ordinary, which is far from the truth. Currently the car is said to be running over 500hp with a sequential transmission and a MOTEC ECU with flat foot shifting enabled amongst other add-ons.

Glen has some more tricks up his sleeve which I will write more about when the feature happens in the coming weeks, stay tuned if you like the look of this awesome looking S2000.

DSC_1666 DSC_1672 DSC_1661 DSC_1674