Subaru Impreza STI GC8 flames

Subaru Impreza STi Type R

I spent half a day with this nice example of a Scooby, great sounds and plenty of flames made for a pretty interesting evening. Full set of photos available here…

Volkswagen Lupo 1.4

Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 6X

I shot this tidy motor the other day and the lovely owner too, see the previous post to this.

Urban Portrait of Tia

Urban portrait shoot in an abandoned mill

This last weekend we were blessed with 2 days of warm weather and sunshine, having talked about putting together a shoot with a friend of mine Tia, we got together…

Lake Windermere from Red Screes

A walk up the Eastern Fells in The Lake District

I decided to catch up with an old friend and do some photography at the same time as it was another decent Summer day. After only getting halfway up one…

Hay Bail near Scarborough

Scenes from around Scarborough

I had been working for 4 days straight coding and designing a few websites and I just had to get myself out of the house for a while. After I…

Jaguar XF-S next to a watermill

Jaguar XF S – Photo Travel

I’ve always had a soft spot for modern luxury Jaguars, the XF really is a fantastic all round car. With the new V6 Twin Turbo Diesel engine it pulls like…

Sunset in Killinghall

A couple of scenes from Killinghall, Harrogate

One of the many places which I’ve driven passed on my travels is Killinghall, a small village just outside the centre of Harrogate. When I’ve been passed at around 8-9pm…

Toyota GT-86 ZN6 dealership

Toyota GT86 ZN6

After reading all about this car a while back I was pretty eager to get a look at one in the flesh, so I thought I’d pop down to my…

Volvo P1800 Cream

The Bradford Classic 2012

It was time again for the Bradford Classic event, and with the weather looking promising it was going to be a good day ahead. As always there was a great…

Range Rover Evoque Onxy Concept

ONYX Concept Range Rover Evoque

This car came into the bodyshop where I work part time, it was fun to see a modified Range Rover as I’ve not photographed any since I left Kahn Design….