Sometimes I don’t always get chance to share some of the photos that I capture whilst on my travels. I always make sure I have my camera on me whenever I go away somewhere or on a journey, as you never know what you’ll encounter. The following photos are from various places I’ve visited by chance or on purpose over the last month, I’m grouping these photographs together and adding them to my exploring and photo travel collections.

Middlesbrough Transport Bridge at dusk

A couple of these shots are of quite famous landmarks around Yorkshire, I’m not 100% sure about Middlesbrough being in Yorkshire though, I believe it may have recently become part of Yorkshire. Emley Moor transmitting station is a bit of a monster and if you stare at it for a short period of time it starts to seem like it’s bending or falling. The other landmark, which has a real industrial look to it is the Middlesbrough Transport Bridge, currently having some work being carried out for repairs so it wasn’t operational.

Emley Moor Transmitting Station at sunset

Towards mid summer and the end of summer is a fantastic time to go out and watch the farmers bring in the crops and create the hay bails, if you go out at the golden hour the beautiful glow from the sun really sets off the fields and gives a lovely warm feeling to the photographs.

Fields, hay and sunset near Minskip, York Fields, hay and sunset near Minskip, York Fields, hay and sunset near Minskip, York Sunset over Pool Bank