I couldn’t wait to get out and go photographing again at the next hillclimb event, especially knowing I was going to be given a media tabard and have the opportunity to be a little closer to the action. As it was my first time being given more access to the circuit I was trying to think of perspectives which I’d not really photographed from before. I think being polite to the marshals was the best way forward and making sure I was safe but still getting close to the circuit worked well.

At this meeting there were a lot of Catherams / Lotus 7s, these things really fly around the corners and look like a very well balanced package. A few other stand out cars for me were a couple of very clean Renault 5 GT Turbos and an absolutely insane Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 GSR with a twin charged engine, I didn’t get chance to chat to the owner and get more details but it seriously flew up the hill and looked great whilst doing so.

I learnt a lot from being allowed to get closer to the action, I noticed having a lot more space to operate in makes life a little easier when panning plus it adds a greater sense of speed and more depth to the photos being able to get so close.

Below are a few of my favourite captures from the day, as usual you can see the full set on my Flickr page by following this link – Harewood Speed Hillclimb Gallery on Flickr

KIS_6231 KIS_6261 KIS_6295 KIS_6375 KIS_6466 KIS_6787 KIS_6788 KIS_6789 KIS_6790 KIS_7005 KIS_7011 KIS_7096 KIS_7099 KIS_7328