Continuing with my enthusiasm for mountain bike riding we decided we’d go back to Gisburn Forest which is where we visited for my second ride on the new bike. In all honesty it was a very technical and difficult place to ride for me on my second outing. This time however was much more enjoyable having gotten used to my bike we managed to pretty much ride the whole red trail around the forest.

Gisburn Forest Views

We ended up meeting a nice couple who were also fairly new to Gisburn so we rode with them for most of the day, it turned out that the guy was a semi professional trials rider so it was great to watch his skills and approach to some of the trails. His girlfriend was also pretty confident and came along on the red trails with no problems.


Some of the views are fantastic around the forest, it may feel like you’re climbing a lot which is quite true but once you get to the top you quickly realise it was worth it. One of my favourite trails of the day which was also my first time on a black run known as Hully Gully, not the easiest to tackle first time but if you go for it with enough speed you’ll be fine and love every moment of it.

Below are some of the photos I managed to capture on my travels around the forest, I’ve been really lucky this last month with the weather being mild and sunny which is always appreciated when I’m out taking photographs, the sun gives them that little extra bit of warmth and contrast that I love.

Stocks Reservoir Gisburn Forest Gisburn Forest Views Gisburn Forest Views Gisburn Forest Views Gisburn Forest Views