I absolutely adore this car, even just a standard R35 gets me excited. Seeing an imported rare Spec V version is even more exciting though.

This particular car had been recently imported and was in for detailing at my client and friends place Altec Detailing

Having a freshly detailed car is always great to photograph for obvious reasons. This car has a unique paint colour called Black Opal exclusive to the Spec V model and it really stands out with some expensive detailing products applied.

Continuing to experiment with my light painting photography techniques I captured a few shots of the car in the unit in the dark that i’m quite happy with. The rest of the shots focus on the little details you get extra with the Spec V version of the GT-R.

Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Front Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Light Painting Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Carbon Brakes Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Rear Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Rear Lights and Badge Detail Nissan GT-R Spec V R35 Brake Lights