Optimus Car Care details a 2012 Rosso Corsa Ferrari California. The video does not capture the full extent of the detail as many steps were not filmed due to time restrictions.

The full detail included the following processes:

• Wheels cleaned using non-acidic Bilberry wheel cleaner
• Arches cleaned with All Purpose Cleaner
• Snow foamed using Meguiars Shampoo Plus
• All trim cleaned using All Purpose Cleaner
• Car hand washed using two bucket method and lambs wool wash mitt
• Whole car sprayed with Car Pro Trix to remove iron and tar fallout
• Paintwork spot clayed to remove remaining contaminants
• Paintwork refined using G Techniq P1 and Meguairsa G220 DA
• Paintwork cleaned of any product residue using IPA
• Paintwork and wheels sealed and protected using G Techniq C1+
• Tyres and Trim dressed and protected using Car Pro PERL
• Thorough interior clean and protection using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard
• Engine Bay dressed with 303 Aerospace Protection