I was out and about in Preston the other day grabbing a coffee and some cheesy chips to warm me up as I did a bit of exploring.

I took most of the photos on my film camera but I did get one digital photo of the interior of the train station, I like train stations and train journeys so I’m familiar with this particular station from my previous job of delivering and collecting luxury vehicles.

A station was first opened on this site by the North Union Railway in 1838. It was extended in 1850 with new platforms under the separate management of the East Lancashire Railway, and by 1863, London–Scotland trains stopped here to allow passengers to eat in the station dining room. The current station was built 1880 and extended in 1903 and 1913, when it had fifteen platforms. A free buffet for servicemen was provided during both World Wars. The “East Lancashire” platforms were demolished in the 1970s as connecting lines closed. Only eight platforms remain in regular use today.

Preston Train Station