So it turns out my uncle had an old Olympus OM10 SLR 35mm camera packed away in storage. I offered to buy it off him along with all the kit he had with it for a very reasonable £40. The camera is in fair condition with a few marks on the mirror and glass but it functions just fine.

It has a 50mm f/1.8 as part of the original kit and also a zoom lens and 2 speed lights. I wanted to go back to film and experiment with it to appreciate how important composition and planning are for certain shots. It really does make you think more about what you are capturing and how it fits within the frame and also having the correct settings of course.

I also bought a light Seconic light meter to help get the right settings and a manual adaptor for the OM10 to allow me to control the shutter speed.

Olympus OM10 Olympus OM10 Olympus OM10