Heading out on a very cold and clear winter’s night, we headed for one of my favourite destinations, Thruscross reservoir in Harrogate. As it had been snowing the day before and remained freezing the snow was still on the higher parts of the ground. I wanted to get a nice contrast of the dark sky on the white snow.

With Thruscross being quite remote the roads were really slippery so we had to crawl along the minor road at about 10 mph in order not to slide into a ditch, it’s always worth the risk though.

What I love about Thruscross is the serenity late at night, with a few distance bird sounds echoing against the trees. On our way out from the reservoir we noticed a particularly nice scene with a few well known constellations and an untouched snowy field.

Star Scene over Thruscross Winter Star Scene at Thruscross