This would be a my first visit to another sprint course in the UK, having only attended Harewood Speed Hillclimb I was keen to see something a bit different in another location.

The course was a sprint course so first of all it’s a different type of event compared to Harewood, mainly because it’s a loop circuit with various configurations depending on the championship.

One of the main reasons for picking Curborough was because my friends in the S2000 club were scoping out the event and looking to enter themselves into the championship in 2016.

With the course being a figure of 8 you actually get ample opportunity to photograph each car as it passes by 3 times, which is great from my perspective.

You can also observe the behaviour of each car as it approaches the same corner at different speeds and angles which makes for good photos as well.

Notable Cars

A few cars that stood out for me were a black Suzuki Swift Sport with a sequential gearbox on individual throttle bodies. It performed seriously well and for a front wheel drive car looked as racy as the rear wheel and all wheel drive cars.

Another favourite was a Ford Escort Mk1 prepared for rallying and sprinting, it’s so amazing that in this era these cars are still very competitive in time attack and rallying.

As always, you can check out the full set of photos on Flickr – Curborough Sprint Course – July 2015 photos

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