I absolutely love it when the weather is just right for a day out at Harewood Speed Hillclimb. Super sunny, warm and calm winds coupled with the fantastic landscape views made better with the varied sounds from the cars racing up the hill.

Super bright sunny weather makes some colours really pop on certain cars, although hot weather isn’t great for maximum engine power, the grip level intensifies to compensate for that making for some exciting photo opportunities if you know the right spot.

This particular day was home to the Porsche club, there was a fantastic variation of different models of the 911, my personal favourite is the 930 chassis. Another standout Porsche was a super fresh Cayman GT4 in bright yellow, looking on point all day.

If you’d like to purchase any images or prints from the event please click on the link – Harewood Speed Hillclimb – July 2016 Prints

lotus-elise-harewood-speed-hillclimb-final-corner single-seater-harewood-speed-hillclimb-racing-leeds-panning single-seater-harewood-speed-hillclimb-racing-leeds-cornering single-seater-harewood-speed-hillclimb-racing-leeds porsche-cayman-gt4-yellow-gorgeous-harewood-speed-hillclimb porsche-911-carrera-rs-930-harewood-speed-hillclimb-braking-locked-up porsche-911-carrera-930-harewood-speed-hillclimb-braking-locked-up porsche-911-carrera-930-harewood-speed-hillclimb-accelerating